Auctioneer: North Hill Co-op

Nov 21, 2019 | MC / Auctioneer

I was fortunate to be the auctioneer for the North Hill Co-op‘s auction last year in Tacoma and I’m excited to be on tap for the event in June of 2020! In the photo above, that’s me with teacher/superstar Nicole Hall, with a superhero theme that showed just how super-powered this event was!

North Hill is a great place for kids age 2, 3 and 4 to learn, and I’ve found this to be a very worthwhile cause. Not only that, but one of the auction prizes is a personal trip in the “Venator” Impala, which has been used in the show “Supernatural”! Please consider supporting North Hill Co-op, and, we’ll see you at the auction in March! Who’s gonna gimme five hundred… SOLD!